Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ouro Preto, the gold city of Brazil

This is the city of Minas Gerais state, Ouro Preto is known for large gold reserves which is deep into the ground. After the gold mine was discovered, it immediately became a hot and attractive exploitation point. The development here entail an upgrading of the infrastructure systems and become a modern destination as today.

Ouro Preto is also known as the black gold city.

Ouro Preto has Barque architecture style, especially those works are decorated with gold. Visit the city, visitors can encounter many churches and magnificent palaces with unique architecture which typical is Ire ca Nosa – this structure was decorated  by over 400 kg gold and Sao Francisco de Asiris – the place has home to many works of the great sculptors of Ouro Preto city, Antonis Erancisco Lisbca.

Jusus de Matoijadinho O Cogenhas do Campo cathedral is also a popular destination. Construction period lasted 181 years (1796-1977) with a series of statues which represent the last Supper scene of Jesus and the 12 apostles.

Each tunnel in gold seams are lights for tourism.
Ouro Preto is carefully and continuously preserved. Therefore, every architectural complex is maintained almost intact, even the gold mining tunnels - deep underground. To visit the largest gold seam in Ouro Preto, guests will sit on the wagons which used to exploit gold and to go deep into the ground, learn work and life of the miners.

This is the gold seam with a depth of 510 m which is located at gold mine park - Parati, and approximately away 8 km from Ouro Preto. Trip guides are enthusiasm miner who have an knowledge of the minerals in rock strata. Because this place built-in as a tourist destination of the city, so you feel secure about the safety in the area.

Although yellow fever has cooled in Ouro Preto, but the time stamp is still reprinted on individual buildings as well as the people here. If possible, you should visit this black gold city to learn more about a rich period of Brazil.

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