Friday, May 27, 2016

Secret pool in the heart of the Mojave Desert

This small pool is set in the middle of the desert, away from residential area and the tourist need GPS to locate.

This small swimming pool (3,3mx1,5m) is located in Majove desert of southeast California, the United States and was built by renowned visual artist Austrians - Alfredo Barsuglia – 34 ages. Features of this pool is situated in arid areas and far from where people live. Visitors want to take bath here who must detect it based on GPS.

Pools have a modern water filters unit and temperature system which notify visitor of the current precisely degree.Everyone will be given a gallon of water to provide water for the pool and the maximum of this place can only accommodate 4 people in a time.

To be relaxed in the cool water at the middle of the desert, visitors will sign up to get the key in MAK -   the center of art and architecture in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Normally, the pool will be capped and locked when there is no user. Therefore, travelers should have the key to open and and the GPS  to determine the location of this unique pool. This key is effective only within 24 hours, then you'll have to pay back even though at that time they found the pool or not.

This pool is located in the desolate area of desert

When no visitors to use, it is the cap. Guests only hold the key within 24 hours because Alfredo does not want them to use for other purposes.

Alfredo said: "At first I wouldn’t hope there will be many people interested in this project. However, since opening, we have welcomed many guests registered every day."

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