Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Berlin, the capital of charm and melancholy by history

Germany capital has all things which tourists need such as fresh air, beautiful sight, active night-life, friendly people
In the eyes of many visitors, Berlin is charming. However, it is still carrying the melancholy by history because this place used to be a witness of the two world wars.

In despite of effecting by the war, today Germany in general and Berlin in particular has stretched strong rise to become one of the representatives place for the rich, vibrant and modern. German capital has everything that visitors need: fresh air, abundant nightlife and modern shops. However, compared to the smaller cities, lone travelers still feel a bit lonely.

Today, Germany is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and attract a large number of tourists to visit.

Summer is the best time to visit this capital, because in this time Berlin has many effervescent outdoor festivals. The festival seemly lasts endless which makes life in here becomes exciting and rewarding to enjoy than ever before.

For those travelers who have a romantic soul, the autumn would be the most appropriate time to visit Berlin. Your hearts will be sensational by the golden autumn scene with beautiful leaves cover as in fairy style.

In winter, the Berlin attracts tourist by the glass of fine wines in the bustle Christmas markets.

The first place many guides lead visitors is Teufelsberg (Devil Mountain) - the top secret eavesdropping station by the National Security Agency US (NSA) high up on a hill 100 m. It is seen as part of a network of intelligence gathering in Cold War period, which collects information from Russia, Germany and other countries. Nowadays, this place has stopped working and became one of the famous sights. When climbing a hill you'll be overwhelmed by the beautiful views below. Ticket price is $ 9.5 for adults and $7 for students.

Daily Pergamon Museum had plenty of tourists visit.

One of the point to watch the most beautiful city from above is the Reichstag. The building with a glass dome is the pride of the city, was brilliantly illuminated every night as dawn image which symbolizes of "new day" in Germany. Entrance is free, but you must register online in advance. Another free destination in Berlin is Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg museum.

The most excellent museum in Berlin is Pergamon - located on Museum Island, including many buildings of great historical significance which are reproduced such as: Pergamon altar, Ishtar gate of Babylon. To avoid queues on arrival here, visitors can make reservations through the Internet, with the price is nearly 17 dollars for adults.

Tempelhof historic Airport is also one of the places where visitors cannot be ignored. The government has to shut down and stop all operations of the airport in 2008. Now Tempelhof becomes the place for kite-flying and entertainment. In Additional, Neuer See lake is also an attractive destination for tourists who have come together young children.

If you want to buy souvenirs, Nowkoelln flea markets opens on Sunday where will be the ideal destination. Additionally, you can also visit Mauerpark - vast and bustling flea markets.
One of the exciting activities that visitors can not miss is cycling around the city. Berlin has an even and flat terrain as like as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, so you can cycle to visit all everywhere in easy way. One of the interesting roads for those who prefer quiet to contemplate scenery cycling is cycling along the Spree river.

At night, visitors can get to see the performances of the Berlin Philharmonic or visit Sanssouci castle which is located in the complex of park and palace in Potsdam, near Berlin. It was recognize as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. Prices of the walking tour to visit this complex is 20 USD/ per person.

For younger guests, Madame Claude - live music venues would probably be more fun place. If you want to dance to the effervescent music, go to Berghain - one of the best world's club.

To energize for the trip around the capital, one of the best catering is Nalu Diner. Typical dishes of the city is the currywurst (curried sausage). This is a fast food street and is also the main course at dinner of  people. Its materials are made from slices of fried pork sausage and sprinkle a sauce which likes as curry. White asparagus is also a dish that people of Berlin favored on spring.

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