Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Primo Piazza - small corner of Italy

Primo Piazza is also known as the Little Italy, a complex architectural of restaurants, castles, streets ..., which built in the architectural style of the boot-shaped country. It is always interesting to crowded visitor whether it was in the working days or weekend.

Guests also have the opportunity to feed the sheep and horses and admire the lovely balcony which covered with green vines.

Mushroom farm

Panorama Farm or Mushroom Farm is a place which grow a lot of type of fungus, from mushrooms to cat ears fungus. Some types are grown indoors, and another ones plants outdoor. Coming here, Guests can also participate in sawdust packed stages to plant or harvest fresh fungus.

In addition, Panorama Farm also build some mushroom-shaped house which has two floors and were surrounded by a small pool. The path is paved with small stones which is suitable for guests to massage their bare feet.

Guests can buy directly fresh mushrooms and take home.

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